types of pallet truck

8 Types Of Pallet Truck And Their Uses

  Pallet Trucks: Unlock Operational Efficiency in Material Handling When it comes to material handling, the pallet truck stands out as an essential tool for maximum productivity and efficiency. Found in warehouses, factories, and distribution centres, these machines quietly ensure the smooth movement of goods. However, not all pallet trucks are the same. With various Continue reading

forklift truck accidents

The Hidden Costs of Forklift (Lift Truck) Accidents in the UK: Fines, Damages, and Increased Insurance Premiums

The True Impact of Forklift Truck Accidents in the Business Landscape When operating in the logistics, manufacturing, or construction sectors in the UK, forklifts, or lift trucks as they are often referred, become essential machinery for streamlining operations. But with this vital role comes the responsibility of ensuring safety and avoiding accidents. While the immediate Continue reading

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The Importance of Manual Handling Training for Employers and Employees

The concept of manual handling refers to the process of moving, lifting, or supporting objects by hand or bodily force. It’s a common task in various industries including construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics. However, incorrect execution of manual handling tasks can result in injuries, and the development of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Consequently, the implementation Continue reading

telehandler training

All About The Telehander

When it comes to versatility, the telehandler (telescopic forklift)  is a winner every time. As well as being able to lift extremely heavy loads, these machines can extend and retract their telescopic forks to gain additional reach and lift height. Whether you need to organise pallets, shift loose sand, or lift personnel to a required Continue reading

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Top 10 Best Selling Forklift Manufacturers Worldwide

As an accredited forklift training provider, we like to stay up to date with industry trends and keep a close eye on the different forklift manufacturers to see which ones are staying ahead of the curve in providing the best equipment to help our clients keep their businesses productive and safe. With that in mind, Continue reading

forklift battery

The Forklift Battery: Which Option Is Right For Your Business?

When it comes to choosing a forklift, there are some important decisions to make. You want a tool that will meet your lifting needs and have low running costs (including maintenance requirements). It obviously makes sense to first understand your needs, for example, lift height, load type and your load weight, and pick accordingly but Continue reading

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Electric Forklift vs The Diesel and Gas/PG Alternatives

With such a wide range of forklift types available, there is a lift truck out there to suit every business need but which is the right one for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric forklifts vs propane forklifts and how can you choose between a diesel forklift and an LPG forklift? We Continue reading