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All About The Telehander

  When it comes to versatility, the telehandler (telescopic forklift)  is a winner every time. As well as being able to lift extremely heavy loads, these machines can extend and retract their telescopic forks to gain additional reach and lift height. Whether you need to organise pallets, shift loose sand, or lift personnel to a Continue reading

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Top 10 Best Selling Forklift Manufacturers Worldwide

As an accredited forklift training provider, we like to stay up to date with industry trends and keep a close eye on the different forklift manufacturers to see which ones are staying ahead of the curve in providing the best equipment to help our clients keep their businesses productive and safe. With that in mind, Continue reading

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The Forklift Battery: Which Option Is Right For Your Business?

When it comes to choosing a forklift, there are some important decisions to make. You want a tool that will meet your lifting needs and have low running costs (including maintenance requirements). It obviously makes sense to first understand your needs, for example, lift height, load type and your load weight, and pick accordingly but Continue reading

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Electric Forklift vs The Diesel and Gas/PG Alternatives

With such a wide range of forklift types available, there is a lift truck out there to suit every business need but which is the right one for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric forklifts vs propane forklifts and how can you choose between a diesel forklift and an LPG forklift? We Continue reading

how to become a forklift driver

How to Become a Forklift Driver

Forklift jobs are available across a wide range of industries and, once you follow the forklift job requirements, including forklift training, you will find this a rewarding and flexible job option that could take you across the country and even around the world if you wanted it to. If you are wondering about how to Continue reading


Top 10 Reasons Why there are so Many Forklift Accidents

According to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive there were 622,000 non-fatal and 144 fatal, self-reported workplace accidents during 2015/2016. Of the non-fatal injuries 44,000 involved making contact with machinery, 61,000 being hit by a moving object and 122,000 handling, lifting or carrying. Forklift truck accidents are the most common workplace accidents that involve vehicles. Continue reading

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Forklift Safety Checklist for Employers

All employers are responsible for ensuring forklift safety for their employees. Forklifts are involved in 25% of all workplace accidents. The main piece of legislation that governs forklift truck safety is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.The regulations contained within this act cover many aspects of occupational health and safety and are commonly Continue reading