Counterbalance Forklift Licence


If you are looking to get professional forklift training we offer one of the most comprehensive programs on the market which includes everything you need to get your counterbalance forklift certificate.

A Brief Explanation

It’s the most common type of forklift licence which is used in many industries worldwide and is generally the first option for novices with no previous experience.

The reason why it is called a counterbalance forklift is due to the fact that there is weight on one side of the vehicle to counter a load which is balanced evenly on the forks at the front. It’s an effective design which has been unchanged for many years and still continues to be used today.

For the more experienced operator who wishes to get their counterbalance forklift licence we offer 1 day conversion training. We also run refresher courses for forklift drivers who wish to just brush up on their forklift driving skills.

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A Little Insight

By taking the course you will discover how to manoeuvre and balance loads correctly and safely within the workplace in accordance with the RITITB guidelines.

We cover all aspects of safety in the training including the operator’s safety code and inspection procedures you must attend to before each day of operation.

In another part of the course you will also learn about the different types of forklift attachment which can be used with a counterbalance truck along with their application.

Once you have completed both the theory and the practical training you will be given a test on the final day of the course.

Our accredited AITT instructors have many years experience with a very high pass success rate so you will be in good hands. If you would like more information in getting your counterbalance forklift licence contact us today to get started.

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