Reach Truck Certificate


Whether you are looking to get your reach truck certificate or any one of the many other types of forklift certificates, we offer a wealth of experience in regards to forklift training. At AFTT we provide comprehensive forklift training courses and have fully accredited AITT instructors with more than 30 years experience who are here to ensure you pass your test the first time.

What Is A Reach Truck?

A reach truck as the name implies is designed to stack at height and is commonly used to store loads in a rack formation. It was originally designed to work in smaller aisles and as such it has a very tight turning circle. It also has forks which can extend up to forty feet.

Everyone has the opportunity to acquire a reach truck licence (certificate) including people with no experience at all but we do offer both conversion courses and refresher training for the more experienced forklift truck operator.

Some Of What’s Covered In The Course

In the course you will learn about the current forklift legislation in regards to safety in the workplace. You will be given full training on the operator’s safety code including what to inspect before and after work has been completed. You will be given full training on how to operate a reach truck efficiently and effectively within a warehouse and other settings. You will also be given forklift training on how to safely managed goods which are uneven and different sizes.

This is just a fraction of what our accredited AITT instructors will teach you during the course, and on the final day, once you completed the theory and the practical tests you will be given your reach truck certificate.

A forklift certificate can help tremendously when it comes to applying for work in a number of industrial settings. So contact us today and take the first step in getting your own reach truck certificate.


Reach Truck Certificate
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Reach Truck Certificate
Get your reach truck certificate here. Friendly instructors, + 20 years experience, fantastic pass rates with all fork truck operator training courses...
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