Telehandler Training


If you are looking for telescopic forklift training, you have come to right place. Our professional team of accredited AITT instructors are experienced industry experts with a broad range of knowledge and skills. We offer comprehensive industrial telehandler training, which will give you the skills and confidence to gain your telehandler certification and equip you to work efficiently and safely in a number of settings.

Telehandler Certification Training

Our telehandler course has been designed to meet the AITT practical and safety skills requirements necessary to operate both rough terrain telehandlers and industrial telehandlers. We are pleased to offer bespoke and equipment-specific training and assessment at a location of your choice. We also offer refresher telehandler courses for those with existing qualifications.

What are Telehandlers?

Telehandlers are versatile lifting machines widely used in industry. They have telescopic booms that allow loads to be extended in front of and above the vehicle, and can be fitted with a variety of lifting and carrying attachments, including pallet forks, work platforms, buckets and lifting jibs.

Rough terrain telehandlers are also known as rough terrain telescopic handlers, and are mainly used on construction and agricultural sites. Industrial telehandlers are used in factories and warehouses and are particularly useful for loading lorries. Employees with telehandler certification in addition to general forklift training are highly sought after across a number of industries.

Telescopic Forklift Course

This is a comprehensive telehandler certificate-training course, which covers a wide range of essential qualification elements, including:

  • Current safety in the workplace legislation
  • Operator safety codes, inspections and maintenance
  • Attachment changes and checks
  • Bulk and pallet loads
  • Safe and effective operation in a number of settings
  • Safe handling of goods of uneven sizes
  • Guidelines for rough terrain working

Boost Your Forklift Career

Telehandler training costs are well worth the boost this additional certification will give your CV and future prospects. Telehandlers are widely used across a number of key industries. Get in touch today and expand both your qualifications and your employability.


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Telehandler Certification
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Telehandler Certification
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