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The Top 10 Injuries When Manual Handling

Manual handling injuries are the main work activity to cause back disorders and are one of the three most frequent causes of workplace injury. It is the responsibility of the employer or manger to ensure that all staff are protected against manual handling injuries. The 1992 MHOR (Manual Handling Operations Regulations) explain clearly the definition Continue reading

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12 Ways To Extend The Life Of A Forklift Battery

Your forklift trucks are probably essential to your business. You’ve invested heavily in good quality trucks and trained your staff, they know about health and safety and hopefully, how to treat their forklift trucks with care. What else can you do to preserve the life of your forklift truck? Once important factor is the battery, Continue reading

forklift maintenance

Forklift Maintenance And Servicing: A Quick Overview

Operating a forklift entails working with some serious machinery. Safety is priority number one for not only the operator but also those working around them. Similar to cars, forklifts require frequent service and maintenance. In order to reduce the risk of injury and dangerous incidents, it is important that your equipment is kept in tiptop Continue reading

counterbalance forklift training

Why Counterbalance Forklift Training Is So Popular

Counterbalance forklift training is by far the most popular type of forklift training in the UK because counterbalance trucks are the most widely used type across a large number of industries. They are very popular in warehouses because the counterbalance weight which is set at the rear of the truck spreads the weight balance across, Continue reading

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Understanding The Different Types Of Forklift Truck

Some of the most popular forklift training courses in the industry include the following types of forklift: Bendi, Telescopic, Reach and Counterbalance. There are courses being offered for both beginners and one-two day refreshers for each of these types of forklift. Most of them have an overhead guard made of metal that encloses the cab Continue reading

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The 5 Main Elements To Forklift Safety Training

Operating a forklift is serious business. A forklift is a piece of heavy equipment, and accidents can be deadly. To avoid serious injuries or death, people must become certified in their use and prove that they understand how to use the machines properly to avoid these accidents. In forklift training, safety is the key, no Continue reading