Manual Handling Training

Who needs manual handling training?

If an Employer has met their legal obligations and carried out thorough “Risk Asssessments” they should discover that a large number of their employees need manual handling training. Office staff moving the equipment they use from one desk to another, or simply fetching a new box of paper for the photo copier. Or Canteen staff handling bags of spuds or carrots to the pans full of preped veg etc.

Not all manual handling tasks are obvious and frequently overlooked until that person is off sick and the ambulance chasers are seeking compensation or a H&SE Representative is building a case to bring about a prosecution.

Over 33% of work related injuries are a result of manual handling!

Staff that injure their backs are engaging lawyers to pursue their employers as a result.

Training your staff to handle objects safely can reduce the risk of injury and the legal consequences. If your staff are handling anything from boxes to computers, tables and chairs as well as goods, then they need manual handling training.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 places a duty on every employer to assess the risk of manual handling injury to any and all of their employees to reduce the potential injury from manual handling operations.

Advantages of Manual Handling Training

Compliance with health and safety law.

Employees are less likely to be injured if they are trained correctly in manual handling techniques.Less likelihood of a claim being made against the employer if they can prove employees are correctly trained.

Course Content

Introduction to Manual Handling
Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992
Safe moving and handling techniques
Manual handling techniques
Management responsibility
How to Control and minimize the risk
Polices, procedures and documentation.

Course duration

3.5 hours


The cost of the 3.5 hour course is £320 for a group of up to 8 participants including certification, biscuits and light refreshments.
(£40 a head for peace of mind)

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Alternatively talk to us about having someone properly trained in the skills required to carry out Manual Handling Risk Assessments and how to provide your staff with good manual handling training.


On completion of the course successful candidates receive an HSE approved certificate. Our Manual Handling courses are legally compliant with current Health and Safety Regulations.

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