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Top 10 Mobile Apps To Help Improve Workflow For Warehouse Managers

Most of us have become accustomed to using apps in our everyday lives. It can be difficult to recall a time when we didn’t rely on apps to get us from A to B, allowing us to contact our loved ones and help us enjoy our hobbies. Apps can also be very useful and improve workflow in the workplace.For those working in warehouse management, there exists a huge range of warehouse apps and non-specific warehouse app programs.

We all carry smartphones so why not make the most of the productivity improvement and efficiency opportunities made available by some of today’s warehouse management apps. We have done the hard work for you and picked out 10 useful apps for warehouse managers.

Warehouse Apps

warehouse apps

Inventory Management – SPD Mobile

Perfect for the small to medium sized warehouse management team, Inventory Management is an intuitive warehouse app that provides a simple but effective solution to inventory tracking and smart, flexible stock history.

Platform: Android
Cost: Free
Purchase: Google Play
Printing: A range of warehouse documents direct from the mobile device

Key Features:
Single screen inventory display
Quick sort, filter and search facilities
Supported prices – different prices for the same item
Key inventory information
Backup options
Multi language support

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Scandit Flow

Scandit Inc. have developed this warehouse management app to provide high performance barcode scanner solutions. Scandit Flow combines the convenience of a warehouse app with the speed and accuracy usually associated with dedicated barcode scanners.

Platform: Android, iOS
Cost: Free
Purchase: Google Play, App Store
Printing: No

Key Features:
Cloud compatibility and offline operation
High quality scanning of all major 1D and 2D barcodes
Builds and supports a list of scanned barcodes
Scans and opens barcode designated webpages

forklift inspection app

Forklift Inspection App – Snappii

Forklift maintenance schedules are a vital element of effective health and safety practice. Whatever your forklift inspection and maintenance program, undertaking and keeping accurate records can be time consuming and involve multiple devices. The Snappii Forklift Inspection warehouse app brings intuitive, image-friendly templates and record keeping to the mobile device and is perfect for both warehouse management teams and daily operatives.

Platform: Android and iOS
Cost: £0.99 one-time fee, offers in-app purchases
Purchase: Google Play and App Store
Printing: Yes

Key Features:
At-location inspections
Extensive check options
Multiple device data synchronisation
PDF and Excel files sharable via email, text message or cloud storage
Push notifications and alerts
Works online or offline
Ideas discussion options

timesheet management

Timesheet Manager – Snappii

With multiple employees in multiple locations any warehouse management team will understand the need to keep an accurate record of employee activity. Timesheet Manager app is a great warehouse app choice because it includes the ability to assign employees to different projects. With customisable form upload capability, and PDF and Excel report exports, this time management app is one that warehouse management will appreciate.

Platform: Android and iOS
Cost: Free – offers in-app purchases
Purchase: Google Play and App Store
Printing: Yes

Key Features:
Create projects
Assign employee hours to individual projects
Run simultaneous multiple projects
Supervisor email notifications
Excel and PDF report exports
Customisable form uploads

safety app

Safety Wizard – RNF Digital Innovation Ltd

No warehouse management team can afford to skimp on health and safety and the prize-winning RNF Safety Wizard app has been developed directly from the HSE’s Health and Safety Toolbox. This is a general health and safety app that can be easily adapted to be a specific warehouse app through the selection of different HSE statements. This app is useful for quick, on the move reference and is a great tool to help warehouse management with the development of safety management systems.

Platform: Android and iOS
Cost: Free
Purchase: Google Play and App Store
Printing: No

Key Features:
Drill down to HSE specifics for your workplace and workforce
Find exact situation solutions for your needs
Check your current HSE practice
Share relevant information via email or social channels

risk management app

Risk Assessor by BigCreative

The HSE state that, ‘It is an employer’s duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and other people who might be affected by their business.’ For warehouse management, risk assessment can be time consuming because of the size of risk area to be covered. Risk Assessor is not a specific warehouse app but is ideally suited to warehouse management requirements. It allows the user to create meticulous safety reports on the move via a mobile device and uses these to create branded reports and a bespoke company hazard and control list.

Platform: Android
Cost: Free – offers in-app purchases
Purchase: Google Play and App Store
Printing: Pay as you go printing

Key Features:
Meticulous safety reports from a mobile device
Company details and branding
On site report production
Real time statistics

warehouse app

Tap My Back (Employee Appreciation) – Build Up Labs

All good warehouse management understand the importance of timely and in-context employee recognition and feedback to staff morale but in a warehouse situation where employees are spread over a large area and often work autonomously, delivering such reward and feedback can be difficult. Tap My Back is not a specific warehouse app but is well suited to being used as such. It uses a range of features to combat the feedback difficulties faced by warehouse management and also provides useful insights and analytics to help with future employee development opportunities.

Platform: Android and iOS
Cost: Free
Purchase: Google Play and App Store
Printing: No

Key Features:
Peer-to-peer recognition to supplement team leader appreciation
Instant recognition notifications
Team behaviour analytics and insights
Customisation opportunities
Team goal development
Photo supported recognition

manager app

Things 3 (Organisation) – Cultured Code

Things 3 is an Apple Design Awards winning revamp of Cultured Code’s original task manager app. Perfect for busy warehouse management, Things 3 includes a wealth of exciting features and is intuitive and pleasant to interact with. Not a specific warehouse app but perfectly adaptable to the type of dynamic organisation goals that warehouse management face every day, Things 3 allows for goal organisation, time planning and customised workflow.

Platform: iOS
Cost: £9.99
Purchase: App Store
Printing: No

Key Features:
To-do lists from other apps or Siri ‘remind me to’ instructions
Project goals and steps definition and completion
To-dos viewable alongside calendar events
Repeating to-dos
Daily lists
Filtered workflow tasks

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Doodle – Doodle.com

With a workforce that is both physically spread out and always on the move, arranging meetings can be a warehouse management nightmare. Doodle is another non-specific warehouse app that could have been developed with warehouse managers in mind. Operating from a very simple principle, Doodle sends out meeting requests alongside suggested times and allow all invitees to suggest their preferred times. Great either for last minute, same day meeting planning or forward planning.

Platform: Android and iOS
Cost: Free
Purchase: Google Play and App Store
Printing: No

Key Features:
One meeting request poll, multiple invitees
Multi platform invitation options (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email etc.)
Mobile and desktop out-of-app options
Clarity of purpose available through event chats
Calendar integration
Push notifications

workplace app

Workplace by Facebook – Facebook Inc.

Warehouse management and staff often work in isolation but conversely in circumstances that have a strong requirement for team communication. Workplace by Facebook combines the advantages of platform familiarity with an ever-improving emphasis on business context requirements. Offering group discussion, voice and video calling and a personalised news feed, Workplace by Facebook works well as a warehouse app, brings all the social advantages of Facebook into a private, business arena and will pass the often tough security requirements of larger organisation IT systems.

Platform: Android and iOS
Cost: Free – for Standard Tier
Purchase: Google Play and App Store

Key Features:
Ad free and separate from personal Facebook accounts
Facilitates group working
Enables safe, secure sharing and collaboration
File sharing enhancements and integrations (e.g. Dropbox and OneDrive)
Integrated, powerful workplace bots (e.g. Repair Bot and Work Chat Bot)
Enterprise level security compliance

Warehouse apps can be of great benefit to warehouse management when it comes to risk assessment and employee health and safety but they are certainly no substitute for professional, approved forklift training. At AFTT (Advanced Fork Truck Training) we offer professional forklift safety training for all skill levels. Contact us now for a discussion of your needs and a no-obligation quote.