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Local Spotlight: Exceptional Forklift Training Facilities and What Sets Them Apart

forklift training near me

In the dynamic world of forklift training, where precision, safety, and adaptability are paramount, certain facilities stand out for their exemplary standards. This spotlight series delves into the exceptional forklift training facilities across regions where AFTT operates. Our focus is not just on the facilities themselves but also on the expertise and experience that bring these training centres to life.

Clive’s legacy: A foundation of excellence

At the heart of AFTT’s success is Clive Flucker, a figure synonymous with forklift training excellence. With a distinguished career beginning in 1975 at Vauxhall Motors in Luton and later at Fork Truck Training Ltd starting in 1986, Clive has honed his skills in a wide range of environments.

From the historic streets of Novgorod, Russia, to the dynamic docks of Bahrain and Azerbaijan, Clive’s extensive experience spans a wide number of settings including warehouses, manufacturing plants, construction sites, and even unconventional places like television studios and hospitals.

His role as a Training Standards Adviser for the AITT and member of the AITT council underscores his vast expertise and commitment to upholding high standards in the material handling industry.

Training Facilities: Adapting to environments

As we take a closer looks at forklift training facilities, it becomes clear that they are more than just physical spaces. They are centres of learning and growth, shaped by the expertise and dedication of trainers like Clive.

Warehousing and Manufacturing Focus: These facilities are designed to mimic real-life warehousing and manufacturing environments. Trainees get hands-on experience in operating forklifts in settings that closely replicate their future workplaces. The emphasis is on practical, real-world applications, under the watchful guidance of seasoned instructors.

Agricultural and Construction Sites Training: Here, the focus shifts to outdoor operations, with training tailored to the unique challenges of agricultural and construction sites. These facilities often feature rough terrain and simulated construction scenarios, providing trainees with a comprehensive understanding of forklift operation in these sectors.

Specialised Environments: Some facilities specialise in training for unique environments like docks, freight yards, or even museums. These specialised courses cater to niche requirements, ensuring that trainees are well-prepared for the specific challenges they will face in these settings.

Clive’s teaching philosophy

Clive’s teaching methodology is rooted in his belief that every environment offers unique learning opportunities. His approach is hands-on, immersive, and tailored to the specific needs of each trainee.

Clive’s ability to adapt his teaching style to a range of environments, from the clinical precision required in hospitals and laboratories to the dynamic nature of airport and train station operations, makes him a revered figure in the forklift training community.

forklift training

A legacy of safety and precision

Safety is the cornerstone of Clive’s training philosophy. His courses are meticulously designed to instil a deep understanding of forklift operation safety protocols. Trainees learn not just how to operate the machinery, but how to do so in a manner that prioritises their safety and the safety of those around them.

Qualifications and accreditations

Clive’s qualifications are extensive. He’s not just a forklift training instructor but also a qualified teacher, capable of supervising and instructing on a wide array of forklift trucks and attachments, as well as other heavy machinery like loading shovels, dumpers, and lorry loaders. 

A lifelong passion for excellence

Clive’s story is one of enduring passion and excellence. His love for the job is as fervent today as it was over three decades ago. This passion extends beyond his professional life; as a grandfather and a proficient water-skier and instructor, Clive embodies the spirit of lifelong learning and enthusiasm.

The expertise of individuals like Clive, underscores the importance of high-quality training in this vital industry. AFTT’s forklift training facilities are not just places of learning; they are the breeding grounds for the next generation of skilled, safe, and adaptable forklift operators.


Forklift Training Near Me 

State-of-the-art training facilities

The Letchworth Training Centre is a testament to AFTT’s commitment to providing top-tier training experiences. Equipped with the latest Linde trucks, the centre offers an environment that closely mimics real-world conditions. Trainees benefit from well-lit and heated spaces, featuring racking bays, weighted loads, and a spacious area for reach truck and counterbalance courses.

The centre’s vibrant and supportive atmosphere enhances the learning experience, while the fully equipped battery charging area offers vital insights into safe battery care procedures.

One of the key highlights of the centre is the friendly yet expert instruction that underpins each course. The teaching style is focused on driving excellence, ensuring that trainees not only learn the skills they need but also understand the importance of precision and safety in forklift operations.

This approach to forklift training is facilitated by a team of seasoned instructors, many of whom boast over 30 years of experience in the field. Their depth of knowledge and practical expertise contribute significantly to the high-quality training provided at the centre.

Expert Instruction: Outstanding pass rates

The Letchworth Centre is renowned for its impressive pass rates, which are among the highest in the UK. This achievement speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the training courses and the dedication of the instructors. Thousands of operators have earned or renewed their UK lift truck certificates at the centre, a testament to its status as a leading training facility in the country.

forklift training near me

Diverse course offerings and high-quality instruction

AFTT offers training on a wide variety of equipment, including all types of forklift trucks, loading shovels, mobile elevated working platforms, and even cranes. Their courses extend beyond operational training, encompassing safety awareness and manual handling, ensuring comprehensive skill development for supervisors and managers.

Letchworth Training Centre also offers instructor courses, catering to individuals who aspire to teach forklift operation and safety. These courses are designed to equip future instructors with the knowledge and skills necessary to train the next generation of forklift operators.

Letchworth Centre provides the following training on equipment, catering to various industrial:

  • All types of forklift trucks, including rough terrain and lorry-mounted models.
  • Loading shovels and Bobcats.
  • Mobile elevated working platforms (MEWPs).
  • Lorry loaders, such as HIABS and ATLAS.
  • Agricultural tractors and trailers.
  • Different types of cranes.
  • Escape harness training, focusing on total access and safety.
  • Slinging and banksman training.
  • Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) equipment handling.

Furthermore, the centre offers specialised courses aimed at enhancing safety awareness and management skills in forklift operations. These include:

  • Forklift safety awareness programs designed to educate operators on best practices and safety protocols.
  • Forklift safety appreciation courses for supervisors and managers, focusing on oversight and safety management.
  • Comprehensive manual handling courses, teaching the techniques and principles for safe and efficient material handling.
  • Training for manual handling instructors, equipping them with the skills to teach and promote safe handling practices.

Classrooms tailored for effective learning

The centre houses two state-of-the-art classrooms, each equipped with large screens, projectors, and comfortable seating. The first classroom, designed for intimate groups of up to four people, allows for focused, personalised instruction.

The second, accommodating larger groups of up to six, is ideal for more extensive training sessions. Both rooms are conducive to an engaging learning experience, be it through PowerPoint presentations or instructional films.

Why choose AFTT’s Letchworth training centre?

Letchworth Training Centre is a comprehensive facility that offers a wide range of courses and features, all designed to provide the best possible training experience. With its well-equipped classrooms, realistic training environments, and a wide array of courses, the centre stands as a beacon of excellence in industrial training, continuing the legacy of high standards and dedication to safety and efficiency.

Choosing AFTT’s Letchworth Centre for your forklift training needs means opting for a blend of seasoned expertise, cutting-edge facilities, and a training ethos that prioritises safety and proficiency. The centre’s commitment to delivering friendly, expert instruction under the guidance of instructors with over three decades of experience is unparalleled.

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