counterbalance forklift training

Why Counterbalance Forklift Training Is So Popular

counterbalance forklift training
Counterbalance forklift training is by far the most popular type of forklift training in the UK because counterbalance trucks are the most widely used type across a large number of industries. They are very popular in warehouses because the counterbalance weight which is set at the rear of the truck spreads the weight balance across, allowing it to carry a heavier load and lift loads higher for stacking.

With the counterweight, loads that are not even in weight from one side to another are less likely to tip the truck over. This is helpful with loaded pallets that are not all the same type of product, such as grocery or department store pallets.

Safety and skill development in counterbalance training

Counterbalance forklift training teaches skills which are necessary for drivers to know including how to properly load the trucks and make sure the balance is correct, how to move safely with or without a load, and the different height parameters a weight load can be lifted. These topics are very important to avoid tipping the truck, either to the front or onto its side.

The training also teaches safety tips on using lights and horns, how to avoid parking in the wrong places, and ensures that you understand that you are responsible for the machine and the safety of those around you while operating it. Driving a forklift is a job that must be taken seriously, and counterbalance forklift training teaches everything that drivers need to know to be safe and serious.

Three-wheel counterbalance forklifts: Manoeuvrability and efficiency

Three wheel counterbalance forklifts are able to get into smaller spaces. As the name suggests, there are three wheels instead of four, with only one in the back. This type of truck is also able to work outside, unlike a reach truck which is also widely used in warehouses and is known for its maneuverability and high stacking abilities. They are easier to maneuver than regular counterbalance trucks and make tight turns, so tighter spaces are less of a hassle for a driver in this type of truck.

This makes smaller warehouses possible, saving money for businesses using this type of forklift. For this reason, three wheel forklift training is a helpful addition to any skill set when applying for warehouse positions where forklifts are used indoors and out because it shows that the applicant is ready to work, with knowledge about the machines and how to use them safely.

Training duration and certification process

Counterbalance forklift training of any type is similar, and the length of time spent in training sessions will depend on the knowledge base of the driver being tested. Someone with no experience will spend more time training than someone who has been certified on another type of truck. Everything needed to pass the test is taught in the training, but a little knowledge ahead of time will prepare the new driver for additional information. Building a good foundation helps the training to stick in the mind easier. Certification requires a short test of questions, followed by a driving test to ensure that the driver is using safe practices.

Choosing the right training provider for optimal results

Any business using counterbalance forklift trucks must put the time and money into training people correctly. If it is an option for the company, a qualified and trusted individual can even be trained as a trainer so that there will always be one person on-site, ready to train new employees as they come along. Finding the best counterbalance forklift training company to trainer your trainer is important so that he or she will know exactly what must be taught.

As the most common types of forklift, counterbalance training is important to many companies, and because of a recent push for more qualified individuals to handle these machines there have been new companies cropping up all over. Make sure that the company you choose has qualified instructors with years of experience to get the biggest return on your investment.

Why Counterbalance Forklift Training Is So Popular
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Why Counterbalance Forklift Training Is So Popular
Find out why most companies opt for counterbalance forklift training over any other types of forklift training course.
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