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The 5 Main Elements To Forklift Safety Training

Operating a forklift is serious business. A forklift is a piece of heavy equipment, and accidents can be deadly. To avoid serious injuries or death, people must become certified in their use and prove that they understand how to use the machines properly to avoid these accidents. In forklift training, safety is the key, no matter what is being taught; however, there are various topics to learn about, like the stability triangle, the fulcrum point, driving safely, and reading the data plate for each machine you use.

Stability Triangle

Understanding the stability triangle is a part of safety because every forklift operator has to understand how it can affect them as they carry loads or simply drive the machine. It is designed in a way which allows it to cross uneven ground, though there are cases in which this should be done very carefully.

Driving on inclines can be tricky, and training will teach you how to safely drive up and down inclines, avoid driving across them, and not to turn on an incline. You will also learn that the height of a load and the speed at which you travel can also move the centre of gravity outside of the stability triangle. Any time that this happens, the machine will tip.

Fulcrum Point

The fulcrum point is where the machine can tip forward on the front wheels. There are many ways this can happen, such as carrying a load which is too heavy, having the load weight too far forward, lifting a load too high, suddenly putting on the brake, or tilting the forks forward when they should not be. Forklift training explains all of these possibilities in detail, plus more possibilities, so that you can keep yourself and those around you safe.

Data Plate

The data plate helps you to avoid the forward tipping that happens from carrying a load which is too heavy or too high. Once you know how to read the data plate, you will be able to tell on each machine that you drive, how much it can safely lift and how high it can be lifted. If the load weight that you must carry is not listed, you will know how to calculate the maximum height it can be lifted to using a simple calculation which you will learn in training.

Driving Safely

Sometimes you will have to carry a load which is tall and blocks your view. To do this safely, you have to be able to drive backwards because that direction will not be blocked. Driving forwards, even with someone attempting to direct you just isn’t safe enough unless you are driving uphill. You will also learn that you cannot allow people on the machine with you or on the forks. These can seem like small concerns when you think nothing will go wrong, but accidents often happen when we least expect them to.

Using the Horn

When driving on the road, some people find it rude when we honk, but driving a forklift requires using the horn as a safety measure to alert people that you are entering an intersection or coming into an area where there may be people or other forklift drivers. Training will explain when to use the horn and more reasons to use it.

Businesses everywhere need to have proper training for their forklift drivers, and these are just a few short basic details to look at when searching for the best forklift training firm to train employees. When safety is an issue, only the best training program will do.