workplace safety tips

Important Workplace Safety Tips for a Company and It’s Employees

Workplace safety should be the primary focus of all the companies who give first priority to their employees. The business of forklifts has also seen a steep rise in the past few years. Buying or renting of Forklifts has become a common practice across the globe. Businesses have come up with cost cutting measures in today’s time where a lot of companies have begun developing their in-house teams for operating and maintaining their machines.

workplace safety tips

Apart from choosing the right Forklift Equipment for your need and reducing recurring costs, you may also want to understand the necessity of maintaining the safety of your employees through proper workplace safety training strategies.

So why is it important for Organisations to provide safety training to their Forklift Professionals?

We come across many incidents of employees losing their lives because of their inability to handle different situations properly. As responsible businesses, you should always want to protect your workers who dedicate themselves to the smooth running of the company and this is where training plays a pivotal role.

In fact, training and development plays a very important role in all occupations. In regards to employees working with heavy machinery,  it is necessary for operators to know the risks involved, and be trained in preventive measures and work place safety.

The best solution to this is by personalising and organising training sessions to highlight the importance of work place safety.

Basics Tips on Forklifts

Forklifts need to be driven by trained operators who can control a loaded vehicle while starting, stopping, lifting and tilting it.

There are five major components that need to be considered by Fork lift drivers:

  1. Loading & Unloading
  2. Driving & Parking
  3. Raising the Load
  4. Entering the Elevator
  5. Steering

Loading & Unloading

Before loading a Forklift, it is important to know its capacity of load lifting which is mentioned on the data plate. It is always advisable to measure the weight of the stock to avoid overloading which can lead to violation of regulations and can cause serious damage to life and assets.

Driving & Parking

When driving a forklift the driver needs to be alert and tactful. The truck must be driven at a low speed and they must obey the traffic signs. It is important for the driver to keep an eye on rough patches, holes, wet surfaces and other similar blocks on the paths travelled.

When the truck is parked at an allotted place, the driver must make sure the brakes are secured, controls are neutralised and the motor in switched off.

Raising the Load

While raising the load, the Fork Truck must be stationary and neutralised. When the truck load is raised, it becomes less stable and it is advisable for the driver not to move out of it. The driver must make sure no one walks around or stands under the raised extension of the truck.

Entering the Elevator

Elevators are designed to bear load up to a certain capacity. The Fork lift driver must ensure the load does not exceed the weight of the elevator. He must slow down while entering the elevator and check the brakes and neutralise the controls.


The steering of a Lift Truck can be difficult to handle especially while turning. It is important to make sure it is not overloaded and or counter-weighed to balance the load. Also, the driver must be cautious while driving at a faster pace.

Importance of adhering to Safety Measures


Saving a Life

Employees are the most valuable asset of any organisation and taking care of them is the primary responsibility for any employer. Training makes it a lot easier for Fork lift drivers to prevent and save themselves from disaster and accidents.

Prevents Loss to the Surroundings

Following safety measures makes it easier to protect the warehouse surrounding, reducing the chance of employees being injured, and preventing the likelihood of forklift damage and or the destruction of goods stored in the warehouse.

Boost in Productivity

When a driver is well trained and has knowledge of the basics of operating a Forklift, he becomes more confident and can easily react to adversities. He does not need to rely on his supervisors for instruction.

Outsourcing Forklift Training V/S Hiring a Full Time Trainer

Hiring full time certified trainers can be costlier than you think. Here are the two major advantages of outsourcing your Forklift training:

Training needs may vary based on the intake of new employees and technology so hiring a trainer can be a liability. They constantly need to be updated with the latest techniques and technologies which they have to undergo continual training and certification. This is a cost to the company which can be more expensive than signing up with an outsourced forklift training company.

Training employees is seasonal and based on the requirements of the employer for which a company does not have to pay a hefty amount every month. Outsourced training organisations are well equipped, certified and paid based on the number of sessions completed. A company can choose this option in order to get the best and most cost effective work place safety training for its employees.

In today’s age utilising resources in the most productive manner has become a big concern to business leaders. Identifying the areas of improvement and investing money on the best resource has also become very complex. With rapidly changing trends across industries, it is becoming crucially important to ensure that the safety of all employees are upheld with proper workplace safety training.

If you need further help or advice about workplace safety training for you company, please contact us today for more information.