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What Not To Do When Driving A Forklift

The TOP 10 blunders

Many forklift truck accidents each year which lead to serious injury and death are preventable with the right training. The colossal damages and financial costs incurred by the companies affected far exceeds the minimal investment needed for a proper driver training regime. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about we’ve put together a top 10 list of forklift accidents from 2014. It doesn’t take much to reak havoc in the workplace as you’ll soon see.

Pallet Truck Fail

A pallet truck is just about the simplest type of lift equipment you can use but it still doesn’t take much to put a foot wrong. Just remember to let go of the pallet truck when it all goes wrong.

Careless Reversing = Total Carnage

Damaged racking should always be reported, bit late for this one.

Amphibious Fork Truck?

This is what happens when you fail to look behind you properly when reversing a forklift. It’s often all too easy to think you have plenty of room when working outdoors but you would be wrong to think so, as this forklift driver found out.

Be Aware Of The Length Of Your Load!

Here’s another example of how a forklift driver can reek havoc when the forklift truck is not manoeuvred correctly. It only takes the smallest error to cause mayhem as you will soon see. Perhaps a bit more forklift training is needed.

Watch Where You Are Going On Ramps

If you cannot see where you are going then you should consider using a banksman. Contact us for banksman training. Also was the risk assessment carried out? Slow reactions: Reach trucks should travel in reverse whenever possible.

Bumper Forklift Truck

When operating a forklift you should have a clear idea of where everything is in the warehouse or you may end up bumping into something. Many videos like this one you could deemed as quite funny but in reality it’s often no laughing matter.

Observe Your Surroundings At All Times

Forklift trucks have exceptional manoeuverability when it comes to turning in a tight circle. However this also means that you have to pay extra close attention to your surroundings when operating the forklift truck in this manner.

Slow Reactions = Car Crash Mayhem

Driving a forklift might seem like a simple enough affair, but you always have to be on the lookout for the unexpected. You might be paying attention but that doesn’t mean that others are and you need to be able to react to any given situation.

Common Sense Just Left The Building

Anyone driving a forklift truck should have a firm understanding of payloads in terms of weight limits and height. You should also have a little common sense which is sadly lacking in this example of how not to drive a forklift.

Raising The Forks Could Mean Raising The Stakes

Forklift trucks tipping over are one of the most common types of forklift accident worldwide and it’s no surprise when there are so many untrained forklift drivers about. When it comes to raised forks always have balancing in mind.