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The 5 Main Elements To Forklift Safety Training

Operating a forklift is serious business. A forklift is a piece of heavy equipment, and accidents can be deadly. To avoid serious injuries or death, people must become certified in their use and prove that they understand how to use the machines properly to avoid these accidents. In forklift training, safety is the key, no Continue reading

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Forklift Safety Inspection: What To Look At Before And After

For forklift operators, forklift safety is key and involves inspecting the machines before and after use to ensure that dangerous incidents are kept to a minimum. Each operator is responsible for keeping their machine in top condition, and if there is anything at all worn or broken that might cause injury it is up to Continue reading

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So You Thought Mining Was Dangerous?

It might surprise you to know that forklift accidents happen virtually every week, with 42% of  fatalities due to being crushed by the vehicle tipping over. In fact you are less likely to suffer a fatality working in a mine than you are operating a forklift truck in a warehouse. The sad truth is that Continue reading

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What Not To Do When Driving A Forklift

The TOP 10 blunders Many forklift truck accidents each year which lead to serious injury and death are preventable with the right training. The colossal damages and financial costs incurred by the companies affected far exceeds the minimal investment needed for a proper driver training regime. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about Continue reading

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5 Key Forklift Training Tips

It can be confusing to go into a training situation without enough knowledge about the subject at hand, and forklift training is no different. There is a lot to learn and the information that you acquire in training helps you to avoid accidents and injuries, and can even save lives. As with any training situation, Continue reading